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ChemTrade is your go-to supplier for ABLUSOFT CNA-46 in Malaysia, dedicated to delivering top-quality products complemented by exceptional service. Familiar by its alternative name, Ester Quaternary, this crucial softening agent finds broad applications across various industries.

ABLUSOFT CNA-46 (Ester Quaternary)


ABLUSOFT CNA-46, also recognised as Ester Quaternary, is a popular fabric softener used extensively in different sectors. With excellent softening properties, it’s a key ingredient in numerous textile care products.

Alternate Names: Ester Quaternary

Key Features

Quality Assurance: Our ABLUSOFT CNA-46 meets high-quality standards, promising optimal effectiveness in its diverse applications.

Fair Prices: We offer ABLUSOFT CNA-46 at competitive rates to deliver the maximum value for our customers.

Quick Service: Our efficient logistics guarantees prompt delivery.

Applications of ABLUSOFT CNA-46

ABLUSOFT CNA-46 is employed in numerous applications, including:

Textile Industry: Used commonly as a softening agent for fabrics.

Household Products: Incorporated in the manufacturing of household cleaning items.

Laundry Care: Used for the creation of fabric softeners and detergents.


Appearance: Off-white, pasty substance

Solubility: Water, oil, and particular solvents.

Packaging: ABLUSOFT CNA-46 is accessible in various packing sizes. Contact us to verify the current stock availability matching your requirements.

Safety and Handling

While handling ABLUSOFT CNA-46, employ protective equipment like gloves and safety goggles. Even though it’s generally safe, it can cause slight irritation to the skin or eyes. If contact occurs, washing thoroughly with water is advised. It should be stored in a cool, dry area well away from discordant substances to maintain product quality and safety.

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