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At ChemTrade, we are committed to supplying Aluminium Oxide, also known as Alumina or Al2O3, of top-tier quality for our valued customers in Malaysia. This versatile compound is a crucial ingredient across diverse industries.

Aluminium Oxide (Alumina)

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide, or Alumina, is a white or colourless crystalline compound that is widely used as an abrasive due to its hardness and strength. It is extensively leveraged in the production of aluminium, ceramics, glass, and as a catalyst in various chemical processes.

CAS Number: 1344-28-1

Alternate Names: Alumina, Al2O3

Key Features

Superior Quality: Our Aluminium Oxide is sourced from reliable manufacturers, ensuring its efficacy in various applications.

Competitive Pricing: We provide Aluminium Oxide at competitive prices, delivering cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Prompt Delivery: With our efficient logistics, we ensure timely delivery of all orders.

Applications of Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide finds its usage across a range of industries, such as:

Metal Production: Key ingredient in aluminium production.

Ceramics: Used in the production of ceramics due to its high-temperature resistance.

Abrasives: Due to its hardness, it is used in grinding, polishing, and cutting tools.

Catalysis: Used as a catalyst and carrier for catalysts in chemical processes.


Appearance: White or colourless crystalline solid

Packaging: Aluminium Oxide is available in 25kg, 50kg, and 200kg containers, each sealed to ensure freshness and quality.

Safety and Handling

Aluminium Oxide should be handled with care. Protective gear like gloves and safety glasses are recommended. While generally safe, it can cause skin, eye, or respiratory irritation. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with water. Store in a cool, dry place.

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At ChemTrade, we assure the quality of our Aluminium Oxide. We strive to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions and swift delivery times. Our highly skilled team is ready to provide technical support and address your queries.

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