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ChemTrade is a dependable supplier of Chlorinated Paraffin in Malaysia, providing top-notch products to various industries. Also referred to as CP or Chloroparaffin, this chemical compound serves many essential functions.

Chlorinated Paraffin (CP, Chloroparaffin)

Chlorinated Paraffin

Chlorinated Paraffin, known as CP or Chloroparaffin, is a complex mixture of polychlorinated n-alkanes. Its versatile properties make it indispensable in industries like metalworking, paints, and plastics.

CAS Number: 63449-39-8

Alternate Names: CP, Chloroparaffin

Key Features

High Quality: Our Chlorinated Paraffin is of superior quality, providing reliable performance in various applications.

Competitive Pricing: We offer Chlorinated Paraffin at market-friendly rates, enhancing value for our customers.

Fast Delivery: Our proficient delivery system ensures that you receive your Chlorinated Paraffin order swiftly.

Applications of Chlorinated Paraffin

Chlorinated Paraffin is extensively utilized in several industries, including:

  • Metalworking: Used as a lubricant and coolant.
  • Plastics: Acts as a flame retardant and plasticizer.
  • Paints and Coatings: Used as a secondary plasticizer and flame retardant.


Appearance: Yellow to amber liquid

Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in oils and organic solvents

Packaging: Chlorinated Paraffin is available in various packaging sizes. Contact us for current stock details and required quantities.

Safety and Handling

Handle Chlorinated Paraffin with care, using appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. While typically safe, it should be kept away from incompatible materials and stored properly to preserve its quality.

Why Choose ChemTrade for Chlorinated Paraffin in Malaysia?

At ChemTrade, we prioritize the quality of our Chlorinated Paraffin. With fair pricing and quick delivery times, we make sure our customers get the best possible value. Our knowledgeable team is always at your service for technical support and inquiries.

Contact us today to find out more about our Chlorinated Paraffin and how we can fulfill your chemical needs.

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