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ChemTrade supplies quality Dimethylformamide (DMF) in Malaysia, meeting the varied requirements of our customers. Also known as DMF or N,N-Dimethylmethanamide, this solvent is a vital component in several industries.

Dimethylformamide (DMF)


Dimethylformamide, or DMF, is a clear liquid solvent with a wide range of industrial applications. It is known for its excellent solvency, stability, and compatibility with various materials. Common uses include chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

CAS Number: 68-12-2

Alternate Names: DMF, N,N-Dimethylmethanamide

Key Features

High Quality: Our Dimethylformamide is of premium quality, ensuring outstanding performance across all applications.

Competitive Pricing: We offer our Dimethylformamide at competitive prices, providing the best value to our customers.

Fast Delivery: Our streamlined delivery process ensures timely receipt of your Dimethylformamide order.

Applications of Dimethylformamide

Dimethylformamide is used in various industries, including:

  • Chemical Manufacturing: As a reaction medium in chemical synthesis.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Employed as a solvent and reagent.
  • Textiles: Utilized in acrylic fiber spinning.
  • Electronics: Used in the production of semiconductors and capacitors.


Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid

Solubility: Miscible with water, alcohol, chloroform

Packaging: Dimethylformamide is available in different packaging options. Contact us for current stock and required quantities.

Safety and Handling

Handle Dimethylformamide with caution, using appropriate safety equipment. While generally considered safe, it may cause skin or eye irritation. Store in a cool, dry place away from incompatible materials for optimum safety and product quality.

Why Choose ChemTrade for Dimethylformamide in Malaysia?

At ChemTrade, we assure the quality of our Dimethylformamide. With fair pricing and prompt delivery, we strive to provide the best value to our customers. Our skilled team is ready to provide technical support and answer any queries.

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