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ChemTrade is the go-to supplier for Kaolin in Malaysia, offering high-quality products. Known by other names like China Clay, Aluminosilicate, and White Clay, Kaolin is vital in various industries.

Kaolin (China Clay)


Kaolin, or China Clay, is a white, powdery substance utilized in ceramics, paper production, and other applications. Its unique properties, including plasticity and whiteness, make it a preferred choice for diverse industries.

CAS Number: 1332-58-7

Alternate Names: China Clay, Aluminosilicate, White Clay

Key Features

High Quality: Our Kaolin meets stringent quality standards, delivering optimal performance.

Competitive Pricing: Our Kaolin is offered at fair prices, ensuring great value.

Fast Delivery: Rely on us for swift delivery of your Kaolin orders. Applications

Applications of Kaolin

Kaolin is employed across industries, including:

  • Ceramics: Used in glazing and coating.
  • Paper: Enhances print quality and texture.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Acts as a carrier or coating agent.
  • Personal Care: Utilized in cosmetic formulations. Specifications


Appearance: White, powdery substance

Solubility: Insoluble in water, weakly soluble in acids

Packaging: Kaolin is available in various packing sizes. Contact us for current stock and quantity needed.

Safety and Handling

Kaolin must be handled with care, following safety guidelines. Proper storage ensures product quality and safety.

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