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ChemTrade provides high-quality L-Threonine in Malaysia, serving our esteemed customers. Known as Threonine or (2S,3R)-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic Acid, this essential amino acid finds applications across various sectors.

L-Threonine (Threonine)


L-Threonine, or simply Threonine, is an essential amino acid used in various applications. It’s vital in protein synthesis, and you’ll find it utilized in sectors like animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition supplements.

CAS Number: 72-19-5

Alternate Names: Threonine, (2S,3R)-2-Amino-3-hydroxybutanoic Acid

Key Features

High Quality: Our L-Threonine adheres to rigorous quality standards, ensuring top performance in its varied applications.

Fair Pricing: L-Threonine is offered at competitive prices, enhancing the value for our clients.

Quick Delivery: Rely on our streamlined delivery system for prompt shipment of your order. Applications


L-Threonine is employed across different industries, including:

  • Animal Feed: Enhances nutritional value in poultry and swine diets.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Used in medical supplements and dietary needs.
  • Nutrition Supplements: An essential component in various health products.


Appearance: White crystalline powder

Solubility: Soluble in water

Packaging: L-Threonine is available in various packing sizes; please contact us for current stock availability and quantity requirements.

Safety and Handling

When handling L-Threonine, use appropriate safety measures, such as gloves and eye protection. Though typically safe, it can cause irritation if mishandled. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with water, and store in a cool, dry place to ensure product quality.

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