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At ChemTrade, we strive to deliver excellent service and high-quality Menthol Crystal to our esteemed customers. Known by various names such as Peppermint Camphor, Hexahydrothymol, and L-Menthol, this versatile product has diverse applications across multiple industries.

Menthol Crystal (Peppermint Camphor)

Menthol Crystal

Menthol Crystal, also known as Peppermint Camphor or L-Menthol, is a translucent crystal that is derived from mint oils. It has a refreshing peppermint aroma and is widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries due to its cooling effect and pleasant fragrance.

CAS Number: 2216-51-5

Alternate Names: Peppermint Camphor, Hexahydrothymol, L-Menthol

Key Features

Superior Quality: Our Menthol Crystal meets the highest standards, ensuring optimal results in its various applications.

Competitive Pricing: We offer our Menthol Crystal at competitive prices, aiming to provide our customers with the best value.

Fast Delivery: Our robust delivery system ensures that your orders are received promptly.

Applications of Menthol Crystal

Menthol Crystal is used in numerous industries, including:

Cosmetics: Used in products such as lip balms, creams, and lotions for its cooling effect.

Food and Beverage: Used as a flavoring in candies, gums, and beverages.

Pharmaceuticals: Used in products like cough syrups, lozenges, and topical creams for its soothing effect.


Appearance: Translucent Crystals

Odour: Peppermint

Solubility: Alcohol, Essential Oils

Packaging: Menthol Crystal is available in 25kg bags. It is sealed to maintain freshness and quality.

Safety and Handling

Handle with care and use appropriate safety equipment. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation.

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