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ChemTrade stands at the forefront as a premier supplier of Potassium Chloride in Malaysia, delivering top-notch quality and reliable service. Also known as KCl, Muriate of Potash, or Sylvite, this inorganic compound is widely used across various industries.

Potassium Chloride (KCl)

Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride is a white crystalline substance known for its pivotal role in numerous applications. As a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine, it demonstrates remarkable solubility in water and its benefits span beyond its fundamental chemical properties.

This essential compound is renowned for its electrochemical stability, making it a popular choice in multiple industrial sectors. Whether it’s agriculture, healthcare, or food processing, Potassium Chloride’s unique characteristics contribute substantially to product efficacy.

CAS Number: 7440-09-7

Alternate Names: KCl, Muriate of Potash, Sylvite

Key Features

Premium Quality: Our Potassium Chloride is produced under strict quality management, ensuring performance that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Cost-Effective Pricing: Providing the finest Potassium Chloride at competitive prices, we balance quality and cost without compromise.

Swift and Secure Delivery: Leveraging an efficient logistics network, we deliver your order with speed and reliability to keep your operations on track.

Applications of Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride’s versatility is evident in its broad range of applications:

  • Agriculture: As a primary source of potassium, it promotes plant growth, improves drought resistance, and enhances crop quality. Used extensively as a fertilizer component.

  • Healthcare: Plays an essential role in medical treatments such as IV solutions and oral medications. Acts as a potassium supplement to maintain electrolyte balance in patients.

  • Food Processing: Serves as a salt substitute, enhancing flavor without increasing sodium levels. Ideal for health-conscious food products.

  • Oil and Gas Industry: Utilized in drilling fluids to stabilize boreholes and manage well pressure. Enhances efficiency in oil and gas exploration.

  • Manufacturing: Integral in the production of metals and other chemicals. Aids in various processes, ensuring smoother manufacturing operations.


Appearance: White crystalline substance

Solubility: Highly soluble in water

Packaging: Available in different packaging sizes; please contact us for current stock availability and quantity required.

Safety and Handling Instructions

Proper handling of Potassium Chloride is vital for safety:

  • Protective Measures: Although generally regarded as safe, Potassium Chloride can irritate the eyes or skin. Employ gloves and goggles to minimize risk.

  • Storage: Keep Potassium Chloride in a dry and cool environment, away from incompatible substances to maintain its integrity.

  • Compatibility: Store separately from strong oxidizing agents to prevent undesirable reactions.

  • Disposal: Comply with local regulations for disposal, considering environmental safety.

Why choose ChemTrade for Potassium Chloride in Malaysia?

ChemTrade’s commitment to excellence ensures you receive the best Potassium Chloride solutions in Malaysia. Our quality assurance, fair pricing, and prompt delivery make us your ideal choice for KCl.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and customized solutions. Reach out to us today to discover how Potassium Chloride can elevate your products and services.

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