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ChemTrade is your go-to supplier for Sodium Hydroxide in Malaysia, providing quality products at competitive prices. Recognized as NaOH, Caustic Soda, or Lye, it’s widely used in various industries.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide, also known as NaOH, Caustic Soda, or Lye, is a white, solid base used across a wide spectrum of applications. It is vital in industries such as manufacturing, cleaning, and more.

CAS Number: 1310-73-2

Alternate Names: NaOH, Caustic Soda, Lye

Key Features

High Quality: Our Sodium Hydroxide meets the industry’s quality standards, delivering excellence in various applications.

Competitive Pricing: We offer Sodium Hydroxide at competitive prices to ensure great value for our customers.

Fast Delivery: Depend on our efficient delivery system for your Sodium Hydroxide orders.

Applications of Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide serves various purposes, including:

  • Manufacturing: Used in the production of paper, textiles, and more.
  • Cleaning: Key component in drain cleaners and degreasers.
  • Food Processing: Utilized in food preparation for curing and washing.


Appearance: White, solid substance

Solubility: Soluble in water

Packaging: Sodium Hydroxide is available in diverse packing sizes. Contact us for details on stock and quantity.

Safety and Handling

Handle Sodium Hydroxide with care, using protective gear. It can be corrosive to skin or eyes. Rinse thoroughly if contact occurs and store appropriately.

Why Choose ChemTrade for Sodium Hydroxide in Malaysia?

At ChemTrade, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction for our Sodium Hydroxide. We ensure competitive pricing, swift delivery, and continuous support from our expert team.

Contact us today to learn more about our Sodium Hydroxide offerings and how ChemTrade can meet your chemical needs in Malaysia.

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