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ChemTrade is honored to be a foremost supplier of Sodium Silicate in Malaysia, delivering unparalleled quality and value to our esteemed clients. Renowned as Water Glass or Liquid Glass, this vital compound is indispensable across various sectors.

Sodium Silicate (Water Glass)

Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate, popularly known as Water Glass or Liquid Glass, is a colorless or white solid that is soluble in water, producing an alkaline solution. It’s a compound created from silica sand and soda ash, with unique properties like binding, adhesion, and high alkalinity.

These inherent qualities render Sodium Silicate a critical component in numerous applications, ranging from construction to personal care. Its functionality is highlighted by its ability to act as a cementing agent, stabilizer, and adhesive.

CAS Number: 1344-09-8

Alternate Names: Water Glass, Sodium Metasilicate, Liquid Glass

Key Features

Superior Quality: Our Sodium Silicate adheres to stringent quality measures, ensuring optimal performance across various fields.

Cost-Effective Pricing: ChemTrade offers Sodium Silicate at unbeatable prices without compromising the quality.

Prompt Delivery: Trust our efficient logistics for timely delivery to meet your stringent deadlines.

Applications of Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate’s adaptability makes it instrumental in:

  • Construction: Sodium Silicate acts as a cementing agent in concrete, improving durability and integrity. It offers increased resistance to environmental impacts, enhancing the lifespan of structures.

  • Personal Care Products: Used in skincare and haircare products as a pH adjuster and emulsifier, it enhances the texture and stability. It ensures a consistent blend of ingredients for a smoother application.

  • Detergents: As a corrosion inhibitor and surfactant in cleaning products, it enables efficient stain removal. Its alkalinity improves soap performance, allowing for a cleaner wash.

  • Paper Industry: Utilized in paper production as an adhesive, it binds fibers and fillers, ensuring uniform thickness and smoothness. It enhances the strength and quality of the final product.

  • Water Treatment: Employed in water purification processes, it acts as a coagulant, aiding in the removal of suspended particles. Its ability to neutralize acidic water makes it valuable in maintaining water quality.


Appearance: Colorless or white solid

Solubility: Soluble in water

Packaging: Sodium Silicate is available in various packaging sizes. Contact us for current stock availability and quantities needed.

Safety and Handling Instructions

Sodium Silicate necessitates careful handling:

  • Protective Measures: Wearing gloves and eye protection is advisable as it can cause skin or eye irritation.

  • Storage Guidelines: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to humidity and extreme temperatures, which might alter its properties.

  • Compatibility: Keep away from incompatible substances such as strong acids.

  • Disposal Considerations: Dispose of in accordance with local regulations, considering its potential environmental effects.

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